Hacking Customer Success

The post below was originally posted on the ServiceRocket blog and is part of the Helping Sells Radio podcast. There are many approaches to Customer Success. I had a great conversation with Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard from ServiceRocket on "hacking Customer Success". I recall some of the approaches I used in various CS leadership … Continue reading Hacking Customer Success

5 easy ways to keep your customer success teams sharp

You may have heard these excuses “we’re too busy” or “we don’t have the budget for training”. When it comes to helping your customer success team members grow and build their skills, these excuses are not only foolish, they can sink your team and your company. You may be a start-up and not have the … Continue reading 5 easy ways to keep your customer success teams sharp

How to Wow Your Customers

There are ways to “wow” people and there are ways to “wow” people. A simple principle to live by: Do the opposite of what Mel Gibson does. Yes, he “wows” you but in a bad way. Let’s focus on the good ways that you can impress people you meet and work with. I had a chance to read Frances Cole Jones’ popular “How to Wow” which is designed to help you present and sell yourself. It was too good a book to just toss away without sharing my insights with you.