Customer Success Meetings That Inspire

Meetings mostly suck. There, I said it. We all know it's the truth. I've run my share of crappy meetings and I'm well aware of it. It wasn't my intention. It's not an easy task to have great meetings - especially if you're part of a Customer Success team that is growing at a tremendous … Continue reading Customer Success Meetings That Inspire

How to Wow Your Customers

There are ways to “wow” people and there are ways to “wow” people. A simple principle to live by: Do the opposite of what Mel Gibson does. Yes, he “wows” you but in a bad way. Let’s focus on the good ways that you can impress people you meet and work with. I had a chance to read Frances Cole Jones’ popular “How to Wow” which is designed to help you present and sell yourself. It was too good a book to just toss away without sharing my insights with you.