How to Wow Your Customers

There are ways to “wow” people and there are ways to “wow” people. A simple principle to live by: Do the opposite of what Mel Gibson does. Yes, he “wows” you but in a bad way. Let’s focus on the good ways that you can impress people you meet and work with. I had a chance to read Frances Cole Jones’ popular “How to Wow” which is designed to help you present and sell yourself. It was too good a book to just toss away without sharing my insights with you.

What is an Enlightened Customer?

Having worked in customer facing roles for over 20 years I’ve witnessed a significant shift in how customers have evolved over time. The driving force behind this change is information and the access to this information. Not only does the customer have access to better information that can be retrieved quite quickly, employees at all levels now have access to the right type of information to serve this new breed of consumers that demand that this information be easily accessible.

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