Customer Success Battle Scars: Don’t F@&k Around With Hiring

“I want your job”. Who has been in a leadership position and not heard that at least once from a candidate in response to asking about their career objectives? I was no different when I was younger but I was probably not as brash. I knew early on in my career that I wanted to run [...]

5 easy ways to keep your customer success teams sharp

You may have heard these excuses “we’re too busy” or “we don’t have the budget for training”. When it comes to helping your customer success team members grow and build their skills, these excuses are not only foolish, they can sink your team and your company. You may be a start-up and not have the [...]

Feature request or the car built for Homer? The Customer Success Dilemma

“We need this new feature and we need it now! My customer has been asking for it for weeks and they can’t use our product the way they want to without it.” This was a fictitious conversation but conversations like this happen each and every day between those that work directly with customers and those [...]