You Know You Work in Customer Success if…

You Know You Work in Customer Success if…

  • You do everything in your power to make your customers happy.
  • You make others in your organization think about how their actions impact the customer.
  • You put your own reputation on the line within your company to advocate for the customer.
  • You constantly think of ways you can delight your customers.
  • You embrace customer feedback and ensure that it’s taken seriously and followed up on.
  • You are constantly worried about customers that you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • You feel you can always win over your customers – even those that have told you that they are not happy and are thinking of moving away from your product.
  • Your finest moments are meeting with customers in person and seeing their notebooks fly open with them taking copious notes.
  • When you lose a customer you first feel like your heart is broken but you quickly focus on ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

Customer Success Jugglers

  • You constantly look for tools, approaches and resources to provide a better experience for customers.
  • Success for you is getting an email from your customers thanking you for your efforts.
  • You suffer sleep deprivation and risk your relationships with family and friends in the name of serving your customers.
  • You take pride in seeing your customers win an award, speak at an industry event or be quoted in a case study.
  • You can confidently sleep well at night knowing you have helped at least one customer In some way each and every day.
  • If there is something wrong with your customer, you don’t feel right.
  • The greatest compliment you can receive is seeing your customers get promoted based on the work they have performed with your product or service.

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2 thoughts on “You Know You Work in Customer Success if…

  1. Good list, Chad. I would add:

    – you get charged up when you can extend an offer to colleagues to show them a new way of slicing data into a new report, a report that allowed you to tailor a particularly eye-catching message for the client.


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